About Wattsun

Where the power grid ends, Wattsun begins

Wattsun Pop-up Power B.V. was founded in 2016 with the aim of making sustainable energy mobile and available everywhere. With our innovative products, we create new opportunities for companies with energy demands in locations where the power grid is not available. The portable plug & play battery system from Wattsun is the new way of working and helps professionals perform their tasks emission-free, more efficiently, and safely.

The problem

In the current day and age, a world without electricity is unthinkable. We simply cannot live without it. In areas with access to the power grid we can use energy all day and all night but where the grid ends one soon runs into energy problems. The most used solution for energy at location are generators. These machines guzzle fossil fuels and are all but efficient. Wattsun pop-up power offers the sustainable alternative, making clean energy portable and available everywhere.


We have developed a unique portable battery system, which you can use to stack up energy like you used to lay Lego blocks. Using the Wattsun grants you new possibilities because with the Wattsun you can work anywhere with an endless power supply. Moreover, the Wattsun is silent, clean and emission-free. This means that the Wattsun does not emit any carbon dioxide, nitrogen and particular matter. 



Sustainable mission

Together we must make the transition to an emission free life. A transition to a society that

uses green energy only. Therefore, we develop the power supply of the future. To achieve

our goals, we constantly innovate and come up with new ways to make energy even more

sustainable and work on more efficient ways to facilitate clean energy at location. Making

sure that everyone – even off grid – can work in a sustainable, healthy and pleasant manner.

Step by step we are getting closer to the realization of our mission: making sustainable

portable energy accessible everywhere.


How it started

Wattsun pop-up power was officially founded in 2016 by current owners Koen Olieslagers and Bart Hendriks. Olieslagers came up with the first concept a year before while working as an industrial product designer. Hendriks soon followed after finishing his bachelor commercial economy in the summer of 2016. The two had met while studying at the University of Applied sciences Arnhem Nijmegen (HAN) and decided to pick up Olieslager’s idea.


In 2016 the first sketches of the Wattsun-concept were drawn onto paper, the very first within the field of stackable battery systems. On these sketches Olieslagers took stackability, portability and ease of use into account. Simultaneously they conducted research into the perfect battery to fit this system. The perfect fit needed a suitable energy density, proper cycle, had to be light weight and trustworthy. The results formed the foundation of the unique stackable battery system that we now know as the Wattsun.


After finishing their studies Olieslagers and Hendriks immediately started developing, producing and selling their first battery systems. This was made possible by an investment by InnoEnergy. Besides investors, the duo drew mayor attention from the market. In 2016 Wattsun reeled in their first costumer and in 2018 the first 40 Wattsun modules were produced.

Worldwide patent and international ambition

The past few years Wattsun has grown considerably. Firstly, we were granted with a worldwide patent for our battery systems. We have built various prototypes, have further developed and are continuously innovating. All in collaboration with the customers and using intensive field tests.


In 2022 our market share skyrocketed. Meanwhile, our battery systems are well known in the Netherlands and far beyond those borders. Especially within the construction sector, event industry and in the film industry the Wattsun is now indispensable. Wattsun is gaining ground in Europe, but the ambition is to make portable sustainable energy available all over the world.


The ‘Wattsun Headquarters’ have also grown in the last couple of years. From a duo into a serious scale-up with a talented group of passionate professionals that share Olieslagers and Hendriks mission. In the years to come we will keep on growing. Therefore, talent is more than welcome! Check: www.wattsun.net/vacatures.

Local production, office in Arnhem (the Netherlands)

Wattsun’s head office is located on industrial park Kleefse Waard in Arnhem. This is the most sustainable business park in the Netherlands, a location that perfectly fits our mission and vision. Our products are designed and developed in the Netherlands and the production takes place in both the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. This means Wattsun keeps the production chain as short and sustainable as possible.


Furthermore, we work with suppliers and manufacturers from the region to ensure short transfer lines. We also take care of local knowledge development and sharing our knowledge . From research stage to production, from the choice of materials to design, from collaboration to transport: we strive for sustainability in every step we take.




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InnoEnergy gelooft in het Wattsun concept en investeert 125.000 euro
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Start productie eerste batch van 40 modules
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