Wattsun Pack

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Wattsun Pack

Wattsun Pack

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€23901600 Wh €2891.90 incl. BTW

Stack your Packs

Do you use a lot or little power? Are your projects short-term or do you have longer operations? Each situation asks for a different capacity. The Wattsun Packs are the answer to these changing power demands.


By simply stacking Packs on top of the Dock you can adapt the capacity to your personal power demand. Each Pack has a 1600 Wh capacity. Stack up to four Packs to reach the maximum capacity of 7800 Wh.

Get to know the Pack

Unique and intelligent

De Wattsun Dock en Pack beschikt elk over een uniek besturingssysteem. Dit intelligente besturingssysteem zorgt ervoor dat van de stapel, altijd de bovenste Wattsun als eerste stroom levert. Is deze leeg? Dan neemt de module daaronder het automatisch over. 

Technische gegevens Pack

Wattsun Pack
15,2 kg
51 x 34 x 23 cm
Merk celltechnologie
Aantal cycli
Nominale voltage
51,8 Volt
58,8 Volt
360 Watt (6A)
5 hours
Temperatuur beveiliging
1600 Wh

User friendliness

The Wattsun is extremely user-friendly. It’s intuitive design and simple controls make it
possible for everyone, even without technical knowledge, to create their own power outlet.

The shape is designed in a wat so that user can immediately see that the modules are
stackable. It does not matter how you stack the modules, one way or another, it always
works. The charge and discharge programme is automated in such a manner that the user
does not have to think about this process at all.

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