Wattsun, the portable battery system for professionals

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Experience ultimate freedom with the battery that never loses power. Stack, plug in and you are assured of clean energy. Wherever and whenever you want.

Where the power grid ends, Wattsun begins…

Wattsun Dock

Wattsun Dock

The Wattsun Dock is the base. Connect your plug and have immediate access to a great source of energy. On the convenient display you can find all the information you need in a glance. 


Discover Wattsun Dock

Wattsun Pack

Wattsun Pack

In need of more capacity? Stack a Pack on top of a Dock. The intelligent operating system takes care of the rest. Stack up to four Packs.


Discover Wattsun Pack

Wattsun Stack

Wattsun Stack

The capacity can easily be extended to your own desire. If your Pack is empty? No need for panic but simply swap it with another. Repeat the process and have an unlimited power supply.


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Portable and plug & play

The Wattsun is a portable and compact battery system. With one click all your devices have a power supply. Thus, the Wattsun can be used everywhere. Indoor and outdoor.

Endless energy

Our unique stackable battery system offers the opportunity to connect Wattsun-modules without a cable. By stacking modules on top of one another like blocks you can reach the desired energy supply you need. Even while using it. 


Zero emission

Sustainable energy is a must in this day and age. However, companies and organisations still choose for old steam generators. Using these leads to pollution, noise and high fuel expenses.

The Wattsun is quiet and does not emit carbon dioxide, nitrogen and particulate matter. Which leads to healthier working conditions and contributes to a better environment.


Carbon dioxide & nitrogen

Using the Wattsun does not lead to carbon dioxide and nitrogen emission.


Less carbon dioxide CO2 emission

If you recharge the Wattsun with grey current, you will emit thirteen times less carbon dioxide compared to a generator. 

Important specs

230 volt / 110 volt

230 volt / 110 volt

The Wattsun Dock is equipped with a 230 volt or 110 volt connection and supplies pure electricity so even the most sensitive devices can be connected.

2000 Watt

2000 Watt

The continuous capacity of 1500 or 2000 Watt makes the Wattsun Dock a powerful energy supply.   

7800 Wh

7800 Wh

The stackable battery capacity is 7800 Wh. The Dock has a 1400 Wh capacity and a pack has 1600 Wh. Stack up to four packs in total. A sufficient energy supply you can enjoy without a care.  

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