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Off-grid power source

Creating a power plan for your party or event on location is a breeze with Wattsun. From now on, you have more than enough energy everywhere.

A suitable solution for every power demand

The battery systems from Wattsun are specially designed for the events industry. Our modules are mobile, robust, and expandable in capacity. This ensures that you always have enough power for your event, anywhere and anytime, even in changing weather conditions.


With Wattsun, you experience ultimate freedom. You have access to reliable power anytime, anywhere. Without cables, ready for immediate use, and easy to move.

Abundant energy
Abundant energy

Discover the power of stacking. With the Wattsun battery system, you create your own power source, ensuring you have enough energy on hand in any situation. Stack our modules and never be without power again.


For the culture and events sector, sustainability is a crucial theme. With Wattsun, organizing events that are CO2-neutral and emission-free is possible everywhere and for everyone.

Valued by professionals

Especially for Coldplay's world tour, we developed a smart charger that allows our batteries to be charged by the audience. This happens during the concerts through cycling fans and dancing audiences on the kinetic floors.

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We are a Dutch knowledge partner
with a high level of service.

All our products are designed in the Netherlands and produced in Europe.
Thanks to our extensive experience in this emerging market, we work together with you to provide the best tailor-made solution.

01Can I ensure that my equipment always remains powered?

Of course! By stacking a Wattsun Pack on top of a Dock or Dock+, it will be discharged from top to bottom. If you cannot afford to lose power and the top Wattsun Pack runs out, simply lift it off the Dock or Dock+ and replace it with a fully charged new Pack. Our intelligent control system will automatically resume discharging from the top. This way, you never run out of power!

02What is the maximum capacity of Wattsun?

At this moment, you can stack four Packs on one Dock. This provides a capacity of 7800Wh or 7.8kWh.

03Can I use Wattsun products outside?

Of course! Our robust housing allows for maximum performance under various weather conditions. Our battery systems are splash-proof, durable, and, thanks to our cooling system, continue to perform in changing temperatures.

04What is the life-expectancy of the battery

We guarantee a battery life of 600 cycles up to 80%. A cycle is fully using the battery from 100% to 0%. For example, if you charge the Wattsun three times a week, you’ll only reach a 20% loss of capacity after 5 years. This means you can still fully utilize the power of the Wattsun, although the battery capacity will have slightly decreased.

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