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Wattsun® x Coldplay

Wattsun is proud to be a supplier for the world tour of Coldplay. Our battery systems are being charged during the shows, thanks to dancing and cycling fans.

Music of the Spheres

The renowned pop band Coldplay is currently on a world tour, aiming to be as sustainable as possible, and we are incredibly proud to assist them in this endeavor! As a supplier, we provide portable battery systems for their shows. Our battery systems are deployed worldwide during the Music of the Spheres World Tour to store and utilize sustainable energy.

Full batteries thanks to ‘Human Power’

Especially for Coldplay’s world tour, we have developed a smart charger that allows our batteries to be charged by the audience. During the concerts, this is achieved through cycling fans and dancing audiences on the kinetic floors of Energy Floors. This generates energy, which is directly stored in the Wattsun modules. This energy can then be used on the next show day.

During the concert, the audience is informed about the amount of electricity generated. Koen Olieslagers, co-owner of Wattsun, mentions that multiple modules per kinetic floor are charged during each show. More importantly, “Fans can see immediately that they generate energy by dancing. This awareness is very valuable, now and in the future.”

Special Design

Wattsun’s battery system, providing an alternative to polluting generators, has received a special design for the Music of the Spheres theme of the British band, featuring images of futuristic planets. Co-owner Bart Hendriks is proud of the collaboration. “Firstly, because six years ago, we wouldn’t have dared to dream that we would already be partnering with such major players. Being a supplier for the world’s biggest band is, of course, very cool. Additionally, it provides a unique opportunity to introduce people worldwide to our solution for making sustainable energy available anytime, anywhere.”

From Dallas to the Johan Cruijff ArenA

Wattsun has been a supplier to Coldplay since the American leg of the tour, which kicked off on Friday, May 6, 2022, with a concert in Dallas. During the world tour, the band visits all corners of the globe. Our battery systems are also used here in the Netherlands during the concerts at the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam (July 15-19, 2023).

Have you spotted our battery systems at a concert? We always love to receive photos and videos of Wattsun modules in action! Send them to us via the link or through our social media channels.

Wattsun at your event?

We don’t only supply batteries to global acts like Coldplay. Food trucks too!

De Hete Pieper is one of the customers in the events sector that we are more than proud of. Moreover, with The Powershop and Battery Rental, we have two important rental partners in the events sector, and the list of events where our battery systems are consistently used is growing. Our Wattsun modules are deployed annually at events such as Pride Amsterdam, Mysteryland, Awakenings, Amsterdam Dance Event, and Oerol Festival.

‘Not only we’re we fully equiped for the job, we got complimented aswell by the stadium contractor’

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