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Anywhere you go.

Why Wattsun®

Made for the professional and the planet

from now on, you as a professional always have green and silent power at your disposal anytime and anywhere, and the burning of fossil fuels is a thing of the past. a win-win situation for you and the planet.

Our mission

We develop user-friendly, robust, and highly reliable power sources, ensuring that you, as a professional, are ready for the future. Combined with our solar solutions, we create a battery system that never runs out.

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In recent years, many hundreds of companies in the construction sector, events industry, film world, and landscaping have made the switch to electric work alongside us.

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With the portable battery system from Wattsun, you create your own power source, ensuring you always have enough energy on hand. Anywhere you go.

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Which Wattsun® suits you?
Wattsun® Dock

The portable battery system with a 230V power outlet.

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Wattsun® Pack

Expand the capacity of the Dock with a Wattsun Pack.

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Wattsun® Dock+

Generate, store, and use energy? Discover the Wattsun Dock+.

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Wattsun® Foldable Solar

Generate and store energy, wherever you are.

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Wattsun® Solarkit

Generate and store energy in a site hut, company van, or container.

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From Dutch source
and with a high level of service.

Our products are designed and developed in the Netherlands, and production takes place both in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. This way, Wattsun keeps the production chain and communication lines as short and sustainable as possible.

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