Wattsun Dock+

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Wattsun Dock+

Wattsun Dock+

The Dock is the base of the Wattsun battery system. The Dock+ operates just like the Dock 1500 and Dock 2000, but comes with four new features. Discover all the the features down below, or pre-order immediately.


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€37902000 Watt €4585.90 incl. BTW

Charge anywhere at any time

Recharge the Wattsun Dock+ directly with solar energy, turbine energy or while driving in your service van.

Charge anywhere at any time
Charge the stack

Charge the stack

From this moment onwards, it is possible to charge a complete stack of Wattsun-modules. Plug a socket into the Wattsun Dock+ and the intelligent operating system automatically charges the stack from bottom to top.

Charge and discharge simultaneously

Simultaneous charging and discharging reassures that you can always use the Wattsun. You can make yourself some coffee in the work hut while the Wattsun is being recharged by the sun.

Charge and discharge simultaneously
Fast charging

Fast charging

Thanks to the brand new Wattsun Charger 600 the Dock+ is fully loaded within 2.5 hours (4.5 hours with the Wattsun Charger 360).

Technical data Dock+

Wattsun Dock+
220 - 240 Volt
50 Hz
Continious power
2000 Watt
Peak power
~2300 Watt 60 min.
Startup peak
~3500 Watt 3 sec
18.2 kg
51 x 34 x 23 cm
Cell technology
Brand cell technology
Battery capacity
1400 Wh
Nominal voltage
51,8 Vdc
Charging voltage
58,8 Vdc
Load capacity
600 Watt (10A)
Charging time
2,5 hours
Charging voltage Solar
10-48 Vdc
Load capacity Solar
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