Wattsun® Dock+

Generate, store, and use energy on-site. With the portable Wattsun Dock+, it’s possible to work fully self-sufficient at any location.

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Key features
  • Charge anytime, anywhereCharge the Wattsun Dock+ directly with the sun, wind, or while driving in the company van.
  • Charging in stackThe Wattsun Dock+ allows you to charge a complete stack of Wattsun modules. Plug one connector into the Wattsun Dock+, and the intelligent control system automatically charges the stack from bottom to top.
  • Charging and discharging simultaneouslyCharging and discharging simultaneously ensures that you can use the Wattsun at all times. Make a cup of coffee in the self-sufficient break room while the Wattsun is being charged by the sun.
  • Fast chargingThe Wattsun Dock+ is fully charged within 2.5 hours thanks to the new Wattsun Charger 600. Connect the charger to the power grid and plug in via the charging connector at the back of the module. Charging with the Wattsun Charger 360 (full charge in 4.5 hours) is, of course, still possible.
  • ChargerThe Wattsun Dock+ comes standard with a 360 charger for you to get started right away. Want to charge even faster? Select the Wattsun Charger 600.
  • Transport boxPlanning to transport the Dock+ frequently? Consider also getting a Transportbox.
Technical specifications
  • Voltage220 - 240 Volt
  • Frequency50 Hz
  • Continious power2000 Watt
  • Peak power~2300 Watt 60 sec
  • Startup peak~3500 Watt 3 sec
  • Weight18.2 kg
  • Measurements51 x 34 x 23 cm
  • Cell technologyLithium-Ion
  • Brand cell technologyPanasonic
  • Battery capacity1400 Wh
  • Nominal voltage51,8 Vdc
  • Charging voltage58,8 Vdc
  • Load capacity600 Watt (10A)
  • Charging time2,5 hours
  • Charging voltage Solar10-48 Vdc
  • Load capacity Solar17.5A

Made for the planet and the professional.

We develop user-friendly products for professionals, allowing them to easily create their own power source anywhere and quickly. Our solutions are robust, of high quality, and extremely reliable. With a simple press of a button, all your equipment receives clean and silent power. This contributes to the well-being of the user, the business, and the planet.

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Our Dock+ is designed to be easily and ergonomically moved by lifting it with two hands. Additionally, you can easily expand the capacity by stacking up to four Packs on the Dock. This way, you always have enough energy at your disposal.

Our battery systems are 100% emission-free. Since there is no combustion, our modules are virtually silent. This is beneficial for you as a professional and for the surrounding environment. The robust design ensures that the Dock+ can withstand impacts and functions perfectly in changing weather conditions.

Charge your battery system with solar power on-site? It’s possible anywhere with the Wattsun Dock+. Additionally, simultaneous charging and discharging are possible, allowing you to use the Wattsun at all times. Make a cup of coffee in the self-sufficient break room while the Wattsun is charged by the sun.

Robust Casing

The splash-resistant housing made of powder-coated aluminum and extremely impact-resistant plastic constitutes the robust design of the Wattsun. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Temperature-controlled ventilation system

Managing the temperature ensures that the Wattsun always operates in perfect condition and maximizes the battery lifespan. The Wattsun is equipped with seven temperature sensors that are continuously monitored. The ventilation system is designed in a way that the filters are removable and can be easily cleaned by the user.

Power button

The power button is located on the front of the Wattsun Dock+. Hold the button down for 4 seconds, and the Wattsun will automatically turn on. To turn it off, press the power button for 4 seconds again.

Ergonomic handle

The Wattsun is equipped with ergonomically integrated handles for optimal ease of use, making it easy to move.

Silver-plated +/- contacts

The Wattsun Dock+ features two silver-plated +/- contacts specially designed for automatically connecting to the module's battery.

Oled display

At a glance, all the necessary information on the OLED display on the front of the Wattsun Dock. To save energy, the display turns off after 2 minutes. Press the power button for 1 second.

Hole for cable lock

This handy hole provides the possibility to secure the Wattsun with a cable lock. Each module is equipped with this useful hole so that you can connect the modules to each other and then secure them to something.

230-volt power outlet

The Wattsun Dock+ has a power outlet at the front with a protective cover. Plug in your plug, and all your electrical devices are powered up.

Optional charger 600

You can charge the Dock+ within 2.5 hours with the Wattsun Charger 600 or 4.5 hours with the Wattsun Charger 360.

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Frequently asked questions
01 Can I use the Dock+ outside?

Of course! Our robust housing allows for maximum performance under various weather conditions. Our battery systems are splash-proof, durable, and, thanks to our cooling system, continue to perform in changing temperatures.

02 Is the Dock+ portable?

yes, the Dock+ is portable. thanks to its ergonomic design and handles, the Dock+ can be easily lifted with two hands. this makes it easy to move the Dock+ to the desired location.

03 How does the Dock+ work with the Pack?

When you stack a Pack on a Dock+, our intelligent control system takes care of the rest. The stack is automatically discharged from top to bottom. When the Pack is empty, you can remove it during use and replace it with another charged pack. This way, you are never without power.

04 What is the difference between the Wattsun Dock and Wattsun Dock+

The Wattsun Dock and Dock+ are quite similar in terms of specifications, but the Dock+ has a few more features. This makes it possible to charge the Dock+ with solar energy and the Dock+ can be charged and discharged during use. It is also possible to charge a complete Wattsun Stack with one charger in the Dock+.

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