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Power supply for the food truck “De Hete Pieper”

Food truck owner Marcel can prepare “Hete Piepers” (hot potatoes) at any location, thanks to the temporary power supply from Wattsun.

Plug & play with Wattsun
Power supply for the food truck
Event Power for Food Truck

The food truck has become an integral part of the cityscape and is typically reliant on event power. Mobile kitchens often require a power source, which can be provided by the municipality, event organizers, or a generator, depending on the location. This incurs additional costs and limits the freedom of choosing locations. That’s why Marcel from “De Hete Piepers” has opted for Wattsun’s battery as a temporary power supply, saying, “It gives me the freedom to set up my food truck anywhere and turn it into a party.”

Marcel’s “Hete Pieper”

The story of “De Hete Pieper” began in 2015 when Marcel visited England. By chance, he opted for a baked potato from “The Van” for lunch. Impressed by the high quality from the food truck, he was determined to start a similar venture upon returning home. Today, Marcel can be found at various events, such as the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse or events in and around Amsterdam. If you want to see Marcel and “De Hete Pieper” at your event, feel free to contact us. We speak from experience and love his baked snacks!

Battery for Food Trucks

With the stacked batteries from Wattsun, “De Hete Pieper” has enough energy for two events. Marcel has connected two refrigerators, two bain-maries, lighting, and a water pump for cold and hot water to the Wattsun. “The beauty of the Wattsun is that we can now go anywhere with our catering. Not only at events with available power, but also in the middle of the forest at the most beautiful locations. We bring the Wattsun, we have power, and the party can begin.”

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