Wattsun® Charger 360

Charge the Wattsun Dock and Pack(s) from the power grid using the Charger 360. The charger has a power capacity of 360 Watts, allowing you to charge the Wattsun Dock and Pack in 4 to 5 hours. It comes in a compact aluminum housing in black.

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Belangrijke features
  • MultitaskingCharge one or more Packs while the Dock is charging by easily ordering additional Wattsun Charger 360 chargers.
  • Charging timeWith the Wattsun Charger 360, the Wattsun Dock is charged in approximately 4.5 hours. The charging time for the Wattsun Pack is about 5 hours.
  • For the Dock and PackCharge the Wattsun Dock and Pack with our unique 360 Watt charger from any power outlet. The Wattsun Dock comes standard with the Charger 360 charger exclusively designed for use with the Dock and Pack from Wattsun.

Made for the professional and the planet

The earth calls for change. To stop climate change, we need to be more conscious and efficient in our use of energy. Stop using fossil fuels and fully embrace sustainable, smart alternatives. We assist professionals with user-friendly products that positively contribute to the well-being of the planet, the business, and the end user.

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Frequently asked questions
01 Can I ensure that my equipment always remains powered?

Of course! By stacking a Wattsun Pack on top of a Dock or Dock+, it will be discharged from top to bottom. If you cannot afford to lose power and the top Wattsun Pack runs out, simply lift it off the Dock or Dock+ and replace it with a fully charged new Pack. Our intelligent control system will automatically resume discharging from the top. This way, you never run out of power!

02 How many emissions are released when using the Wattsun battery system?

With all Wattsun products, you work 100% emission-free. Emitting CO2 and nitrogen is a thing of the past.

03 Is the Wattsun Dock the base of the battery system?

Yes, the Wattsun Dock is the base. It has a 230-volt connection for powering all your electrical devices. If you need more battery capacity, you can stack additional Wattsun Docks (up to four modules) on top of the Wattsun Dock.

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