Wattsun® Charger 600

The Wattsun Dock+ is fully charged in approximately 2 hours thanks to the Wattsun Charger 600. Connect the charger to the power grid and plug in via the charging connector at the rear of the module.

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the earth calls for change. To stop climate change, we need to be more conscious and efficient in our use of energy. Stop using fossil fuels and fully embrace sustainable, smart alternatives. We assist professionals with user-friendly products that positively contribute to the well-being of the planet, the business, and the end user.

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01 Can I ensure that my equipment always remains powered?

Of course! By stacking a Wattsun Pack on top of a Dock or Dock+, it will be discharged from top to bottom. If you cannot afford to lose power and the top Wattsun Pack runs out, simply lift it off the Dock or Dock+ and replace it with a fully charged new Pack. Our intelligent control system will automatically resume discharging from the top. This way, you never run out of power!

02 Can my Wattsun battery also be used in the service van?

Yes, the Wattsun Dock and Wattsun Dock+ are ideal as a mobile power supply in and around the service van. This allows you to have 230-volt power on any location or on the go. With the Dock and Dock+, you have enough power for using or charging power tools, measuring equipment, or, for example, making a fresh cup of coffee. If you also want to generate, store, and use power in your service van using solar panels, we recommend the Dock+ in combination with a Wattsun Solarkit.

Every van is different. When you order the Wattsun Solarkit, we will contact you to further discuss how we can best support you in this.

03 How sustainable is the use of a battery?

Sustainable energy is a necessity in today's world. However, globally, many companies and organizations still rely on outdated power generators, contributing to significant air pollution through the emission of CO2, nitrogen, soot, and particulate matter. By using a battery, there is no air pollution on-site, allowing you to work emission-free.

If you charge the battery with grey power, you emit between 10 and 18 times less CO2 than a traditional generator.

If you charge the battery with green power, you work entirely CO2-neutral!

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