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Reliable power during Tom van Heteren’s shoot

Light plays a crucial role in video and photography. Those who have control over the light are less dependent on the location or time of a shoot. Photographer and videographer Tom van Heteren prefers to use his own studio lights, which he can connect anywhere to the Wattsun. This includes during the shoot for a Brazilian clothing brand in an abandoned warehouse at Industriepark Kleefse Waard.

Power for the perfect lighting
100% freedom
About Tom van Heteren

Tom van Heteren has been involved in videography from a young age. Initially a hobby, it quickly turned into his passion and is now his profession. Tom primarily creates corporate videos, product videos, and event videos. He is also currently active as a photographer. “Photography is just a bit different than videography. There is overlap in terms of compositions and lighting, but otherwise, it’s a distinct craft. That’s why I like to combine them. When I photograph, I prefer portrait shots and photos from my travels.”

Perfect Setting

Recently, Tom received a request to shoot for the sportswear of the Brazilian brand Camingo. It was an exciting assignment where Tom wanted to make a strong impression. “The warehouse on the IPKW (Industriepark Kleefse Waard) premises seemed like the perfect location for this shoot. It has an industrial look, which aligns well with the concept,” he explains. “The ideal aspect of this location is that each space has a unique appearance. This allows me to be less restricted during photography, and I can express my creativity more freely on the spot. It’s advantageous that you’re not dependent on a single source (external lighting), but with the help of studio lights, you can illuminate the models well in any desired location within the space.”

Wattsun op de set

Om de juiste belichting te kunnen gebruiken heeft Tom stroom op locatie nodig. “Hier was dat niet voorhanden. Het is niet ideaal om met een vierdubbele haspel te gaan hannesen, dus ik ben erg blij met de Wattsun. Ik gebruik continulicht (Aputure 120D) in plaats van flitslicht, zodat ik kan fotograferen én filmen. Dat werkt super goed met de Wattsun. Ik kan ook makkelijk de lampen verplaatsen en heb de hele shootdag kunnen draaien op één module.”

Het resultaat

Een kleine selectie uit de foto’s van Tom na een geslaagde shootdag. Alledrie de modellen dragen kleding van het Braziliaanse kledingmerk Camingo.

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