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Dutch government: Air needs to be much cleaner everywhere.

Minister Van Veldhoven, along with 46 municipalities and provinces, signs the Schone Lucht Akkoord (Clean Air Agreement). The agreement includes a package of measures to reduce the emissions of CO2, particulate matter, and nitrogen, aiming to make the air we breathe cleaner and healthier.

Schone Lucht Akkoord
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The government aims to make mobile construction machinery, such as generators and sweepers, cleaner. These machines often run on diesel or gasoline and are believed by the government to be responsible for around ten percent of health damage caused by polluted air. Provinces and involved municipalities are exploring the inclusion of emission requirements in environmental permits and environmental zones for mobile tools (such as generators) used in logistics, events, green management, infrastructure, and construction projects in urban and particularly high-exposure areas. Companies will only receive government contracts if they use cleaner machinery. Minister Van Veldhoven of the Environment states, “As the government, we ask all parties to adopt new and cleaner technology. This ensures fair competition.”

Wattsun’s vision

Wattsun’s vision aligns with the Clean Air Agreement measures implemented by the government. With Wattsun, we aim to make energy in the form of electricity mobile in a simple and sustainable way. Strengthening permit requirements is a means to reinforce and accelerate the energy transition. With our plug & play battery system, we want to assist professionals in meeting the tightened permit requirements and new measures, contributing to health benefits for everyone in the Netherlands and collectively taking a step forward.

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