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Why we create a battery system with the Wattsun® Solarkit that never runs out of power

Our latest innovation, the Wattsun Solarkit, is a result of both market demand and our aim to develop a battery that never runs out of power.

Wattsun Solarkit: Portable Battery Systems with Solar Panels
Charging and discharging on-site
Innovative Solutions

At Wattsun, we are always searching for innovative solutions to provide our customers with optimal on-site power. Our latest innovation, the Wattsun Solarkit, is a result of both market demand and our commitment to developing a battery that never runs out of power. With the Wattsun Solarkit, we combine our portable battery systems with solar panels, allowing you to charge and discharge Wattsun batteries on-site, simultaneously. Whether it’s a lunchroom or a company van, the Wattsun Solarkit ensures a reliable power supply.

Why the Wattsun Solarkit?

Owner Koen Olieslagers explains two reasons for developing the Wattsun Solarkit. “The issue with batteries is that they run out of power. We partially solved this problem by enabling the stacking of additional battery modules to add capacity, even during use. By adding solar panels to charge energy while simultaneously using batteries, we create a battery system that never runs out. This relieves our customers from worrying about their power source, allowing them to work 100% green and saving costs. Solar energy is free.”

The second reason for developing the Wattsun Solarkit is related to Wattsun’s mission. “Since our founding in 2016, our mission has been to make sustainable energy mobile and available everywhere. By adding solar energy charging as an option for our battery systems, we can generate, store, and use green power on-site. This makes it truly possible to use sustainable power anywhere, even in the most remote locations.”


We understand that continuity, as you expect from the power grid, is essential for businesses, especially in sectors such as construction, infrastructure, events, landscaping, and the film industry. With the combination of the Wattsun Dock+ and the Solarkit, we have found a solution that meets this need. Our batteries can be charged year-round with on-site solar panels, ensuring complete self-sufficiency and the ability to work with free power without relying on the grid.

But what happens during winter months with less sunlight? No worries, our batteries are designed to be easily removed from the lunchroom or company van and connected to the mains. This way, you always have a power supply, regardless of weather conditions. Moreover, you can stack additional battery modules to expand capacity as needed. Stack up to five high and create a power source of 7.8 kWh.

Varying Watt-peak Solar Panels in Wattsun Solarkit

The Wattsun Solarkit is available in different sets with varying Watt-peak (Wp). It is advisable to consider your own power needs, especially during the darkest months, to ensure sufficient energy generation to get through the winter. If necessary, the battery can be taken home or to the office and charged there. This way, we ensure that our customers can always rely on a reliable energy supply.

Quality of Solar Panels and Choice of Horizontal Placement

For the Wattsun Solarkit, we opted for rigid panels due to their efficiency and high yield. We developed a special frame for easy installation of the panels on flat roofs. By ensuring sufficient air circulation under the panels, we ensure they are well-cooled, maximizing efficiency. The horizontal placement of the panels on flat roofs also allows them to capture sunlight throughout the day, resulting in optimal solar yield.

Another advantage of the Wattsun Solarkit is that the user doesn’t have to worry about the orientation of the panels and the positioning of the lunchroom relative to the sun. Regardless of placement, they always receive sunlight, increasing ease of use. Additionally, we considered easy installation in the kit’s design, allowing any installer to place the panels. With the included parts and accessories, the installation process on any flat roof is straightforward.

Satisfied Customers

Since the summer of 2022, we have helped many large and small customers convert their existing lunchrooms. Customers like Boels and Van Gelder tested the chain with us, and the result was a great success. Even during the dark winter months, the self-generated solar energy was usually sufficient. On the darkest and wettest days, stacking an extra battery module, a Wattsun Pack, or taking it and charging it from the mains was an excellent alternative.

We initially converted the first chains ourselves to optimize the ready-to-use, plug & play Wattsun Solarkit. Every nut, bolt, and seal was carefully tested and chosen by our specialists. “Now we can confidently let our customers make their lunchroom or company van self-sufficient and sustainable.” The initial feedback on the installation is very positive. The installation is super easy for any installer. No installer available or prefer to have your lunchroom converted by us? That is still possible. “Hopefully, this will encourage more companies to stop using their generators in the future.”

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