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Nine reasons to make your mobile workplace self-sufficient and emission-free right now

With the Wattsun Solarkit in combination with our battery system, you turn every mobile workplace into a self-sufficient energy source. This plug & play solution transforms construction trailers, management cabins, and other work units into fully self-sufficient and emission-free workplaces, even in remote locations without grid power. These are the nine key benefits according to our customers.

1. Independence from the electricity grid

Mobile workplaces, such as construction trailers, management cabins, or containers, are often situated in locations where direct access to the electricity grid is unavailable. With the Wattsun Solarkit combined with a Wattsun battery system, these workplaces can operate completely self-sufficiently off-grid, no longer relying on the power grid. This provides flexibility and freedom in choosing work locations. From now on, the possibilities are endless.


2. Flexibility and mobility

Mobile workplaces often need to be set up quickly and moved to and between different locations, depending on project requirements. The Wattsun Solarkit offers this flexibility as it is a portable and modular plug & play system that is also easy to install. Carrying power in mobile workplaces is very straightforward, and the solar panels remain on the roof even during transport. This allows you to easily move your self-sufficient workplace for roadside jobs or to other locations that may vary daily.


3. Reliability and continuity

By investing in solar energy, mobile workplaces can operate self-sufficiently wherever they are located. This ensures operational continuity and minimizes interruptions due to power shortages and/or outages. The combination of solar energy and the ability of Wattsun to expand the battery system’s capacity makes it a highly reliable power solution.


4. Extending the lifespan of existing fleet/real estate

With the Wattsun Solarkit, it is possible to quickly make existing workplaces more sustainable. This allows existing construction trailers, containers, and management cabins to continue operating like new after a small, simple transformation. This saves unnecessary purchase of new units and unnecessary depreciation of workplaces.

5. Sustainable energy production

By installing solar panels on the roofs of mobile workplaces, your company contributes to the transition to sustainable energy. The Wattsun Solarkit utilizes solar energy, a renewable source that is inexhaustible and produces no harmful emissions during energy production. This helps reduce the ecological impact of operations and contributes to a greener future.


6. Long-term cost savings

While the investment in solar panels and battery systems may seem substantial, they offer significant savings in the long run. By harnessing solar energy, you can systematically reduce energy costs. Expenditures on fuel become a thing of the past. Additionally, Wattsun solar panels and battery modules require minimal maintenance and have a long lifespan, making them a cost-effective long-term investment.


7. Employees deserve a real break

No one truly rests with the noise of the generator. When the construction trailer runs on the Wattsun battery system, noise pollution becomes a thing of the past. Much better for the health of your employees.


8. Start the workday more efficiently

With the Wattsun Solarkit, you work without noise. Start the day calmly with a cup of coffee, without the need for a generator to rumble. This way, you can start working earlier without causing disturbance to the surrounding area.


9. The construction trailer and/or management cabin are your billboards on the construction site

Let’s be honest: what you have done well, you want to show to the outside world. And rightfully so! With a self-sufficient construction trailer, you can proudly showcase your achievements.

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