Home News Would you like to join us for coffee? Our Mobile Experience Center is open

Would you like to join us for coffee? Our Mobile Experience Center is open

We would like to invite our valued customers, partners, and other interested parties to visit our brand-new, self-sufficient Wattsun Mobile Experience Center. Explore the possibilities of mobile, sustainable energy for your mobile workspace and be inspired by our innovative solutions.

Always sufficient energy.
Wattsun Experience Center.
Unique visitor center

It has been our long-standing wish to develop a self-sufficient Experience Center where we can test our new products and innovations, and also host customers and interested parties. As we work towards a world in which professionals can work independently and emission-free with power anytime, anywhere, the opening of this unique visitor center is a logical step.

Experience it yourself

In the Experience Center, you can experience firsthand what it’s like to work with self-generated power, without relying on the power grid or polluting generators. Additionally, our specialists are ready to assist you with sustainable solutions for your energy needs and share insights into future products. All of this while enjoying a cup of coffee brewed with energy from the solar panels on the roof of the 20ft container.


The Experience Center is equipped with solar panels on the roof of the 20ft container. These panels are connected via the easily installable Wattsun Solarkit to two Wattsun Docks and two Wattsun Packs. This ensures that the Experience Center always has sufficient energy to keep the lights on, provide heating, brew coffee, and support other operational needs. We’d be happy to demonstrate how it works during your visit!

Mobile Experience Center

The Experience Center is a converted Hacon shipping container designed and furnished by our partner Collectief Soepel. To clearly showcase its fully self-sufficient, off-grid workshop concept, the container is elevated on high legs. The interior is entirely in the style of Wattsun, providing a fantastic workspace and meeting area. Thanks to the glass facade, which can fully open, the Experience Center is also ideal for exhibitions and other events. The entire Experience Center, with or without legs, can be transported on the road. So, you might just come across our new visitor center elsewhere in the Netherlands.

Fixed Location

The Wattsun Experience Center is (usually) open for visits opposite the Wattsun headquarters at Industriepark Kleefse Waard in Arnhem. Want to make sure the Experience Center is ‘home’ in Arnhem? Feel free to contact us beforehand, and we’ll ensure one of our specialists can assist you during your visit.

Your Self-Sufficient Workplace

Curious about the possibilities for your (mobile) workplace? We offer plug & play solutions for every mobile and/or off-grid workplace with a flat roof. From lunchrooms and containers to executive units and work vans. Our specialists are ready to assist you – preferably during a visit to the Experience Center. Of course, you can always reach out directly.


The Wattsun Experience Center was made possible with the support of OostNL. Partners IPKW and Connectr ensured that the Center found a beautiful location – naturally, in the sun.

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