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Wattsun as an energy supply for the weighbridge in Friesland

Haarsma Groep needs power in the middle of the Frisian meadow. Owner Tjeerd Haarsma explains how the Wattsun Dock and Pack provide a solution.

Haarsma Groep powered by Wattsun
Energy supply for weighbridge in Friesland

At the depot of Haarsma Groep in Herbaijum, Friesland, trucks come and go every day. The cargo these trucks deposit always consists of the same content: wet soil. To keep track of the amount of soil coming in and out of the premises, the family business uses a weighbridge powered by the Wattsun Dock and Pack. Owner Tjeerd Haarsma explains how he utilizes the battery system.

Recycling soil

Haarsma Groep is a company involved in earthworks, road and water construction, as well as transportation and soil flows. Wet soil is unloaded at the depot in Herbaijum to dry, Tjeerd explains. His father founded the company 46 years ago, but he has since taken over. “Once it’s dry, the soil can be prepared for reuse. This way, we recycle the soil in a sustainable manner, for example, for construction projects.”

How many tons does a truck weight?

Before the trucks come to unload or take away their cargo, they must pass over the weighbridge. This is a platform at road level that determines the weight of vehicles. “This gives us immediate insight into our tons,” says Tjeerd. “The Wattsuns are connected to the weighbridge. As soon as the driver with his truck is on the bridge, he presses the icon for unloading or loading. Subsequently, the full weight is automatically retrieved.”

No power grid? No problem

Tjeerd came into contact with Wattsun two years ago. “For us, it is essential to have battery packs here. Naturally, we have no access to electricity, and a generator was not an option. The convenient thing about the Wattsuns is that you can easily pick them up after a workday and put them in the back of your van. In the morning, you plug them back in with the connector, and everything works again. It’s that simple.”

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